Set Free available now

Set Free, the wonderful story of Emma Slade's transformation from City banker to Buddhist nun launched last week in the UK. The book, available from Amazon, was ranked number 1 religious biography on the site and is garnering fantastic reviews. All profits from the sale of the book go directly to Opening Your Heart to Bhutan. In preparation for the launch Emma has been on BBC's Big Questions with Nikki Campbell & BBC Radio London as well as being interviewed by the Independent, Guardian, Huffington Post and Sunday Mirror supplements. She is being interviewed by the BBC World Service next week. Stan Rae, on reading the book said "Inspiring, heart-rending and exciting in equal measure, this e

Jigme's training begins

This week Jigme Chojay, senior prosthesis technician at Gidakom hospital, is in Calcutta thanks to Opening Your Heart to Bhutan. Jigme is one of only three people qualified to fit proshetics in a Bhutan but neither he, nor his colleagues, are qualified to fit state of the art joints which allow children to run and walk comfortably. With the help of Ottobock and Opening Your Heart to Bhutan Jigme is getting the training which will make a real difference to the life of children needing full leg prosthesis. Speaking from Calcutta, Jigme said "I am learning a lot and determined to implement practically...[with your help I] made an additional realization that I as a P&O Technologist can bring ch

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