Completed projects

Fencing at Draktsho Eastern School

With enormous thanks for generous donations from friends of Tania Jackson, the secure fencing at the Tania Jackson Sports Ground can now be completed to ensure the safety of it's mountain side position.

Entrance Path at Draktsho Eastern School

Deepest gratitude to Bridget Simmonds for her generous donation. We can now go forward and improve safety and access at Draktsho Eastern School by creating a new entrance path.

Completed Playpark at the Eastern School

With the huge support of the Openwork Foundation this school playground was built and equipped to give the children at the Draktsho East school a chance to play, learn and support their health and wellbeing by staying physically active.

Library and Learning Block Stocked and Furnished

We have successfully completed the infrastructure phase of our library project at Draktsho East School and have now furnished the library and learning block.


Shelving and furniture are now in place and we continue to fill the shelves with books for the children to choose from thanks to support from our generous donors.


The Draktsho East School was in need of some repair work to the boys toilet block and washing facilities.


We are pleased to report that these improvements have now been made as well as better wheelchair access to these facilties.

Improved Sanitation Facilities

Outdoor Washing Area

We have provided an outdoor washing space at Draktsho East School. This provides a much needed dedicated space to wash clothes for both boys and girls at the school.


Aside from the practical benefits of having a dedicated washing space, participating in activities such as washing clothes provides the children with an opportunity to build self-reliance and to learn important life skills to support them in the future.


Wheelchair Accessibility

Our wheelchair accessibility project at Draktsho East School is now complete! We have now vastly improved connectivity across the entire school complex, with a fantastic 45m ramp connecting the administration block and the learning block, as well as ramps connecting the boys and girls hostels and the dining room to other areas of the site. The paths are looking fantastic!

Library and learning block

at Draktsho East

We are delighted to have reached our fundraising target of £38,000 and have achieved our aim of providing a brand new purpose-built library and learning block for the  Draktsho East  - the vocational centre in Kanglung, East Bhutan that desperately needed more classroom space. This inspiring organisation teaches 120 disabled and disadvantaged young people skills to help them gain self-esteem through their contribution to the community. 

The new building provides a flexible learning space adaptable for both the academic and physical education of the children.

The two storey learning block is looking fantastic and consists of the following units:

·       Library Room.

·       Physiotherapy room.

·       Staff office and principal office.

·       Meeting room and

·       Guest room for the visitors.

Much appreciation is due for Draktsho East's principal Karma Garab Dorji, who has made your donations go a lot further by project managing the build of the library and learning block at the rural boarding school himself (supported by Ugyen). 

Kitchens and

dining room

In 2019 we met our fundraising target of £32,000 and provided a new dining area and a brand new industrial kitchen for Draktsho East vocational school in Kanglung. The staff at Draktsho were previously cooking over open fires with poor sanitation, producing unhealthy smoke by cooking. The children also did not have a dedicated dining area.

This has now been solved with the creation of a spacious and comfortable dining area and a greener kitchen, with the installation of 3 electric cookers in the kitchen in April. This allows the children’s food to be prepared and enjoyed in a much healthier environment and saves trees from being used as fuel too! A fantastic achievement for the centre.

Toilets & paths at Meritsemo

We have provided a clean, sanitised toilet block as well as robust concrete pathways for the 120 children at Meritsemo primary school. We met our fundraising target of £9000 to achieve this.


Meritsemo receives 8 months worth of rain every year. The site is regularly water logged making the short trip to school dangerous for the children there - as you can see in the pictures on the left. The lack of basic sanitation leads to high levels of malaria, dysentry and diarrhoea.

Our improvements to santitation and access here will benefit the children enormously, improving health and making their walk to and around school much safer and more enjoyable.

Vehicle for Halfway House

In early May 2019 we were thrilled to provide a vehicle to the children’s halfway home in Thimphu, who do essential work for vulnerable children there. We were delighted to present the vehicle to the staff and children, and hope to support them further in the future.

Art camp

In 2017 we founded a summer art camp for 50 children in Eastern Bhutan to break down the barriers surrounding disability in the country.

The two week programme saw children from two state schools and Drats-ko's vocational training academy in Thimpu receive instruction in photography, sketching and watercolours from an international group of professional artists. 

Our target of £2500 was reached with the support of VAST Bhutan and the Embassy of India in Bhutan

School bus

In 2017 we helped the Drak-tsho vocational school in Thimpu take delivery of a new minibus.


The bus replaced the vehicle that was 13 years old and lacked basic working seat beats or four wheel drive.

Our target of £18,000 was reached with the help of individual donors, donations from the Bhutan Society and Chestfield Rotary.

Ramps & Railings

In 2017 we completed new access platforms and railings at the Tashigang School, allowing access the school site for children in wheelchairs.

Our target of £3,500 was reached with the help of ProHire.

Prosthetic equipment

In 2017 we trained all of the prosthetic technicians in Bhutan to install state-of-the-art new joints with shock absorbers. Prior to this, there were only three people in the country qualified to fit prosthetic limbs and all limbs were fitted with ungainly hinge joints which prevented young people running or playing sport.

Our target of £10,000 was reached with the help of individual donors, support from the joint manufacturers Ottobok and the Saxon Shore.

Fetal Heart Monitor

In 2017 the charity donated a Fetal Heart Monitor to the Gynaecology Department of Tashigang Hospital to help the care and safe delivery of babies there.


In 2017 the Drak-tsho school in Tashigang took delivery of the schools' first vehicle. Prior to this, the school had no means of transporting children to medical appointments or collecting boarding students who live up to three hours drive away.

The new vehicle has allowed children in remote rural areas whose parents were unable to pay for public transport to access the school.

Our target of £10.000 was reached with the help of the Openwork Foundation.

Girls hostel

In 2016 we broke ground on a dedicated female boarding house for the girls of Drak-tsho's disabled vocational training school in Kaglung.


The hostel provided a way in which children from isolated rural areas could learn essential life skills and vocational trades such as weaving and painting. 

Our target of £7,000 was reached with the help of individual donors, the Openwork Foundation, George Wilson Holdings, and the German Embassy in New Dehli.

Footwear for Children

In 2016Drat-sko took delivery of over $125,000 of new shoe for children living in its schools.

The shoes were chosen by staff at the schools to provide additional ankle support and improve the posture and walking of children with cerebral palsy. The donation is enough to ensure the school does not need to buy students new shoes for the next five years.

The shoes and costs of transporting them were donated by Salts Healthcare and PGS Global Logistics.

Playpark at Meritsemo

In 2015 we built a playground for a primary school of 104 children in Meritsemo whose only playspace was a flood plain where stagnant water would build up and attract malarial mosquitos.

Working in partnership with the Bhutan Ministry of Education we selected a new site and erected slides, swings and climbing frames for children and their families.

Our target of £3,500 was reached with the help of local fundraising and the Openwork Foundation.

Bedding and blankets

Since 2014 the charity has transported over 200kg of donated blankets, muslins, sleeping bags and bedding to schools, hospitals and clinics in the East of Bhutan.

The materials have been handed out as starter packs for new mothers, students starting at the boarding school or people without basic supplies.

These materials have been donated by local Whitstable mums.

UK Registered Charity No.1165794, e-mail