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Breaking down barriers through art

Today is the third day of our new and exciting two week art programme in Bhutan. The

programme will teach creative and practical skills, enabling some of our students to produce traditional handicrafts they can sell in future.

In Bhutan there is an ever growing misconception concerning the capabilities of individuals who live with physical disabilities and learning diabilities. In order to challenge this particular stigma, the art camp allows children with physical disabilities to work side by side with those who have none. Opening Your Heart to Bhutan has recently coordinated with the wonderful charity VAST-Yangtse and funding from the Indian Embassy in Thimpu.

The children at our school in Eastern Bhutan have been given the great opportunity to showcase their work and talent through the programme. So 40 students at the camp have received instruction in basic drawing and painting techniques. The camp allows the students to demonstrate their creative ability and provides the children with opportunities to interact through social and artistic activities, which would not have otherwise been available to them.

Jigme Dorji(pictured above), who is organising the camp on our behalf, said "there is a deeply embedded stigma where people think that the disabled cannot learn and earn a living. We are so pleased that this camp can encourage, support and recognize disabled artists".

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