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Get involved

Opening Your Heart to Bhutan is entirely run by volunteers. Each year we raise over £50,000 thanks to the generosity and hard work of our supporters and any way you can help will be sincerely appreciated. If you are unsure about what you can do why not contact us. Alternatively you can:

Fundraise on our behalf

Whether you want to run the marathon, dye your hair blue,  or take part in our annual charity walk, we are forever grateful to people who want to collect sponsorship on our behalf. We also encourage pop up fundraising events and can provide speakers on request.

The charity is registered with and able to help advertise individual events through our Facebook page and online.

Contact us to see what you can do. 

Volunteer your skills

Volunteers drive our charity forward but we recognise that not everyone has the time to volunteer regularly. Regardless of whether you want to volunteer a specific skill set, have a lot of time or not much at all, we want to hear from you.

We work hard to ensure everyone receives the credit and thanks that they deserve.

Get in touch with us today.


Individual donors provide us with a vital source of cash when delaying treatment is not an option. People can donate to specific projects through just giving, set up a regular direct debit with the bank or support our work more generally through PayPal donations.

Your small donations really do go a long way in Bhutan. 

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