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Emma delivers basic bedding to Meritsmo

Last month Emma delivered over £2000 worth of basic provision to the village monatry in Meritsmo. Her first priority was to ensure that each of the 20 young months no longer slept straight on the floor with little bedding.

Following our trip each monk now has a mattress, pillow, pillow case, sleeping blanket, jacket, pair of shoes and a hat and at least 2 towels. This will vastly improve their lives and improve health and hygiene conditions for them.

On the same trip Emma donated mattresses and bedding to key families in the village who also lacked basic supplies. We were aided in identifying families by the local school headmaster who was well placed to identify who was most in need.

The headmaster of the school asked us to particularly help with bringing some ITC facilites to the school as he felt this was essential in expanding the understanding of his pupils and preparing them for secondary school and the modern world.

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